Frequently Ask Questions

How to buy from us?

Its simple!

  1. Just visit our product pages (light usage, normal usage, heavy usage)
  2. Choose your favorite color!
  3. Proceed to check out from your shopping cart.
  4. Fill up your delivery details and just proceed for payment (Cash Deposit or Paypal/CreditCard)

You should be receiving your powerbank within the next 3 working days upon completion of your order payment.

as for payment method, please click here

How long is the warranty period?

All genuine PINENG Powerbank comes with original 1 year warranty. To understand more, please visit our ‘Warranty Policy’.

How long does it take to recharge PINENG Powerbank?

Approximately 12-16 hours to fully recharge.

(First time recharge will usually take longer time)

How to seek for technical support and warranty claim?

Its simple!

Just get in touch with our 24hours customer service team:

  • Wei Siang – 0123516640
  • Veron – 0174060598

Or drop us an email at:

  • info@pinengmalaysia.com

Or find us in FB~!

  • https://www.facebook.com/messages/pinengmalaysia

How long can PINENG Powerbank be kept unused?

The battery in PINENG Powerbank can last more than 2weeks unused. But the actual capacity will drop to approximately 50-70% due to energy loss in the powerbank, depends on how long you kept your PINENG Powerbank unused.

Roughly how many times can the powerbank charge my phone?

*note that the calculation is only an estimation, the actual result might varies based on factors such as usage of phone during charging time, surrounding temperature, charging frequency, and battery condition.

Just very simple mathematics:

  1. Find out how big is your device battery size? (usually can be found on the battery itself, or you can search in the internet)
  2. Take the capacity of PINENG Powerbank, times 80% to get the available capacity. eg. PN918 – 10000mAh, time 80% = 8000mAh.
  3. Divide the available capacity by your device battery size.
    eg. Iphone 5 : 1500mAh, PN918 available capacity : 8000mAh. 1500 divide 8000 = 5 times

What type of battery is PINENG Powerbank using?

All PINENG Powerbank use Lithium-Ion material. Same with majority smart phone battery material such as the Samsung S4.

Why PINENG Powerbank more pricey than normal powerbank?

Besides trendy design and long manufacturer warranty, most importantly it comes with safety microchip controller to protect both user, and phones by detecting voltage and to prevent overly used and charged for phones. Above all, it comes with 12 months manufacturer warranty.